ready for use worldwide:

Our first product: the movebo topdesk


topdesk is an extremely light, extremely stable and flexible work platform,
that enables mobile working while sitting or standing, at any location.

The topdesk intelligently solves the problem that numerous employees and companies have during the current pandemic - they have to adapt to a massively changed daily routine and location - mostly at home - within a short period of time. Topdesk offers a quick and cost-effective solution to this problem: a defined mobile workstation that hardly takes up any space when not in use. But topdesk also offers the ideal solution in countless use cases for a quickly installed, mobile workstation that can be used either sitting or standing as desired. The topdesk user family is growing every day and it is a pleasure for us to follow the wide range of topdesk areas of application with our customers:

From DJs to large companies, from home offices to commissioning on large production lines,
We are excited to see how topdesk can make your everyday life easier.